Game of Industry

Users get to test their understanding of contemporary industry by competing in the Game of Industry. The game challenges the student with hundreds of questions about the twelve common elements of industry. Both questions and categories are chosen at random. Important features include: user-selected sound, full-color graphics, animation, variable point values for questions, three-miss limit, running counts of score and misses, and user-selected bonuses that may be used to either increase the score or remove one or more misses.

Checkerboard Puzzles

Many of the learning activities in the Entrepreneur's Handbook are based upon a fictitious company that designs, produces and markets a variety of checkerboard puzzles. Now students can construct these 8 by 8 square checkerboards on the Macintosh by selecting, dragging and rotating the colorful puzzle parts that are supplied. Brain Teaser, Brain Twister, and Brain Destroyer puzzles are included.

Complete Teacher Program