Online Workshop

Improving Your Developing Skills


A primary mission of the Complete Teacher Academy is to serve as a resource for certificated staff development. To this end CTA now offers online in-service training workshops that can be taken any time and from any place! A PC, Macintosh computer or an Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod touch connected to the Internet is all that is needed. Through E-mail and the World Wide Web, we can provide you, your school or school district with practical, performance-based instruction that is guaranteed to motivate and to improve the skills of both new and experienced teachers. We offer interactive, online classes for meeting the in-service training needs of teachers. Each course is designed to provide instruction in one of the seven roles that have been identified in the Complete Teacher Model. A Certificate of Accomplishment is awarded upon completion of each online workshop.

Great teachers are often productive and effective DEVELOPERS! They create and adapt a wide variety of audio-visual teaching materials for instructional use. Many are skilled in using both traditional tools and the computer to enhance their professional productivity. Use the DEVELOPING ROLE workshop to gain skills in multimedia development. Learn how to create and combine text, graphics, audio, animation and video to communicate a desired message. Techniques are covered in this professional development module.

Listing of Developing Competencies Covered:

  • WHY? Developing Instructional Materials
  • D.1.1 Using instructional technologies
  • D.1.2 Creating pictorial drawings
  • D.1.3 Preparing technical drawings
  • D.1.4 Taking and using photographs
  • D.1.5 Creating bulletin boards and displays
  • D.1.6 Building models and mock-ups
  • D.1.7 Preparing audio recordings
  • D.1.8 Developing transparencies for projection
  • D.1.9 Preparing video recordings
  • D.2.1 Operating microcomputers
  • D.2.2 Diagnosing and correcting computer problems
  • D.2.3 Surfing the "net"
  • D.2.4 Sending and receiving e-mail
  • D.2.5 Searching with search engines
  • D.2.6 Keeping current with technology
  • D.2.7 Using computerized teaching packages
  • D.2.8 Using diagnostic software
  • D.3.1 Selecting appropriate technology
  • D.3.2 Using word processing applications
  • D.3.3 Using painting/drawing applications
  • D.3.4 Using page layout applications
  • D.3.5 Using presentation applications
  • D.3.6 Using authoring applications
  • D.3.7 Creating web pages with HTML
  • D.3.8 Using speadsheet applications
  • D.3.9 Writing computer programs