Checkerboard Puzzles

Construct 8 by 8-square checkerboards with puzzles that will make you think! Sit back and expand your mind with our Brain Teaser, Brain Twister and Brain Destroyer puzzles. Move pieces by touching and dragging. Rotate puzzle pieces by double tapping. Need help? Click the "Provide Hint" button.


Pyramid Puzzles

Move a pyramid, block-by-block, from one location to another using as few moves as possible. Move one block at a time by touching and dragging. Only blocks at the top of a stack may be moved. A move consists of dragging a block from one stack and placing it on top of another. You may never put a larger block on top of a smaller one. Need help? Tap the "View Solution" button on the 5-piece puzzle for complete step-by-step assistance.

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