Online Workshop

Improving Your Managing Skills


A primary mission of the Complete Teacher Academy is to serve as a resource for certificated staff development. To this end CTA now offers online in-service training workshops that can be taken any time and from any place! A PC, Macintosh computer or an Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod touch connected to the Internet is all that is needed. Through E-mail and the World Wide Web, we can provide you, your school or school district with practical, performance-based instruction that is guaranteed to motivate and to improve the skills of both new and experienced teachers. We offer interactive, online classes for meeting the in-service training needs of teachers. Each course is designed to provide instruction in one of the seven roles that have been identified in the Complete Teacher Model. A Certificate of Accomplishment is awarded upon completion of each online workshop.

Great teachers are also good MANAGERS! Teachers who can effectively demonstrate managing skills, whether consciously or unconsciously, appear to be some our better teachers. We have identified close to a hundred management-related tasks that you will probably have to deal with as a classroom teacher. Use the MANAGING ROLE workshop to hone the managing techniques that are associated with good teaching practice. Skills for planning, organizing, leading, controlling, and coordinating are developed with the help of this professional development module.

Listing of Managing Competencies Covered:

  • WHY? Teachers Must Learn To Manage
  • M.1.1 Classroom management skills
  • M.2.1 Achieving goals through strategic planning
  • M.2.2 Sharing objectives with students
  • M.2.3 Managing your time
  • M.2.4 Defining problems and identifying causes
  • M.2.5 Brainstorming possible solutions
  • M.2.6 Handling multiple projects
  • M.3.1 Designing the learning space
  • M.3.2 Using others to assist with instruction
  • M.3.3 Organizing and scheduling events
  • M.3.4 Allowing for diversity
  • M.3.5 inventorying classroom assets
  • M.3.6 Working to change things
  • M.4.1 Making decisions and originating action
  • M.4.2 Influencing, convincing or impressing others
  • M.4.3 Setting classroom rules, procedures and routines
  • M.4.4 Being consistent and equitable
  • M.4.5 Managing independent learners
  • M.4.6 Orchestrating the classroom learning environment
  • M.4.7 Coaching students
  • M.4.8 What works and what doesn't work
  • M.5.1 Determining instructional effectiveness
  • M.5.2 Reacting to disruption and distraction
  • M.5.3 Tracking student progress
  • M.5.4 Maintaining observational and anecdotal records
  • M.5.5 Judging instructional strategies
  • M.5.6 Taking attendance
  • M.5.7 Academic record keeping
  • M.6.1 Using school facilities
  • M.6.2 Scheduling field trips and excursions
  • M.6.3 Ensuring equal access to media and technology
  • M.6.4 Promoting a healthy and safe learning environment
  • M.6.5 Observing building policies and procedures
  • M.6.6 Interacting with parents and colleagues
  • M.6.7 Dealing with community agencies