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Sales to Academic Libraries & Universities


Regarding our sales policies to Academic Libraries: Our eTextbooks are digital books (PDF) that deliver dynamic, interactive content on just about all platforms including Tablets, Smartphones and Computers (Mac, Linux and Windows). Both "purchase" and "subscription" models are available.


Here our Library policy is quite simple — Please try to treat our eTextbooks much as you would any paper-based textbook, digital CD or DVD. They should not be duplicated for quantity distribution to multiple "same-time" users. The duration of a "single" user loan period may, of course, be determined at your end. At the completion of each "single" user loan period the eTextbook would then be available to the next user.  (Please note that while we ask that library users delete borrowed copies of our books at the end of the loan period, we do not require that this be done.)  

To preview or purchase a single copy of ACTING SKILLS for TEACHERS (ISBN 978-0-9888620-6-7, $ 9.99 USD) –> Click Here <–

To preview or purchase a single copy of MANAGING SKILLS for TEACHERS (ISBN 978-0-9888620-7-4, $ 9.99 USD) –> Click Here <–

To preview or purchase a single copy of SELLING SKILLS for TEACHERS (ISBN 978-0-9888620-9-8, $ 9.99 USD) –> Click Here <–

To preview or purchase a single copy of DEVELOPING SKILLS for TEACHERS (ISBN 978-0-9888620-8-1, $ 9.99 USD) –> Click Here <–

To preview or purchase COMPLETE TEACHER ($ 35.96 USD) –> Click Here <–


A low-cost subscription plan is also available. Here the Academic Library may offer or gift PDF copies of any or all of our eTextbooks (via their own computer/server) to all faculty, administrators, teaching assistants and/or students working in or enrolled in the University. This Bulk Purchase license is granted for an unlimited period of time. Subscription costs are as follows: ACTING SKILLS for TEACHERS (ISBN 978-0-9888620-6-7, $ 199 USD); MANAGING SKILLS for TEACHERS (ISBN 978-0-9888620-7-4, $ 199 USD); SELLING SKILLS for TEACHERS (ISBN 978-0-9888620-9-8, $ 199 USD); DEVELOPING SKILLS for TEACHERS (ISBN 978-0-9888620-8-1, $199 USD); COMPLETE TEACHER ($ 697 USD)

Terms & Conditions • Following purchase, a master copy of the digital Handbook(s) will be sent to your institution as an attachment to an email. This email will also include a statement of "Permission to Reproduce and Distribute" the eTextbook(s) to all faculty, administrators and students within your institution. A sample of the Permission Statement is reproduced below:

The Complete Teacher Academy, LLC ("Licensor") grants permission to Xxxxxxxxx University ("Licensee") to reproduce and distribute the following four publications: Acting Skills for Teachers; Developing Skills for Teachers; Managing Skills for Teachers; Selling Skills for Teachers. The Licensor warrants that each of the above-referenced works are owned and controlled by the Licensor as an original published work protected under the US Copyright Laws. The intent of this license agreement is to allow the Licensee the right to reproduce and distribute the titled works referenced herein. This agreement does NOT convey copyright ownership.This Permission Agreement applies to the above referenced works and is subject to the following terms and conditions: (1) Licensor grants to Licensee, a non-exclusive license to reproduce Licensor's Work and to offer or gift PDF copies of the above-referenced eTextbook(s) to all faculty, administrators and students employed by or enrolled in the institution. (2) The Licensor's Work shall not be altered, adapted or modified in any manner without the prior written permission of Licensor. (3) The Licensor retains exclusive rights granted under the US Copyright Laws, including but not limited to the right to copy, alter, modify, reproduce, sell, distribute, display, or disseminate in any form the above referenced works. (4) Under no conditions or circumstances shall the Licensee offer the above referenced titled works in a commercial type distribution. (5) In consideration of the rights licensed in this Permissions Agreement, Licensee agrees to pay Licensor a sum of $697. (6) This Library Subscription license is granted to Xxxxxxxx UNIVERSITY, effective as of the xx day of Xxxxxx 2019 and will remain in effect for an unlimited period of time.

Be advised that our eTextbooks may be purchased (singly or in quantity) online using an institutional (or private) credit card. We also accept prepaid school purchase orders. Purchase orders should be sent to: Complete Teacher Academy LLC • 3 Little Falls Court • Barnegat, New Jersey 08005 • U.S.A. Complete instructions for downloading our eTextbooks will be provided upon receipt of your order. 

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