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The Elementary or Secondary School may offer or gift any or all of our eTextbooks (via the school's own server) to all teaching faculty and/or administrators working within a single school facility. This Bulk Purchase license is granted for an unlimited period of time.

"Critics have said subpar [university-based] teaching programs too often hamper school systems, churning out graduates familiar with theory but lacking in practical classroom skills." — New York Times —

Professional and subject knowledge has long been part of the teacher education curriculum. However, necessary skills training in the areas of acting, managing, developing and selling appears to have been overlooked in many programs. To help meet the professional development needs of both new and experienced teachers, we now offer a series of low-cost, interactive training handbooks that run on all digital platforms! They may be purchased (singly or in quantity) online using an institutional (or private) credit card. We also accept school purchase orders. Purchase orders should be sent to: Complete Teacher Academy LLC • 3 Little Falls Court • Barnegat, New Jersey 08005 • U.S.A. Instructions for downloading our eTextbooks will be provided upon receipt of your order.


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ACTING SKILLS for TEACHERS: Great teachers are good ACTORS! Teachers who can effectively demonstrate acting skills, whether consciously or unconsciously, appear to be some our better teachers. Use this eTextbook to hone skills relating to vocal expression, bodily actions, role-playing, and the use of space and props. Techniques for generating surprise, creating suspense, and using humor in the classroom are other acting skills to master with the help of this interactive digital textbook (ISBN 978-0-9888620-6-7, $9.99).

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MANAGING SKILLS for TEACHERS: Top-notch teachers are also good MANAGERS! Techniques for planning, coordinating, commanding, controlling, organizing, guiding, coaching and facilitating are required. Skills needed to be an effective classroom manager are delivered via this unique interactive digital textbook (ISBN 978-0-9888620-7-4, $9.99).

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SELLING SKILLS for TEACHERS: The best teachers must also be accomplished SELLERS! They need to be able to sell their subjects to students. Like good sales people the best teachers will know their audience, plan the campaign accordingly, and then motivate their students to buy into their product, which is education! Practical selling skills to help 'close the sale' with your own students are delivered via this unique professional marketing manual for teachers (ISBN 978-0-9888620-9-8, $9.99).

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DEVELOPING SKILLS for TEACHERS: Successful teachers are accomplished DEVELOPERS! They must create and adapt a wide variety of audio and visual teaching materials for instructional use. This interactive textbook will provide the necessary skills needed to creatively use both traditional tools and the computer to enhance professional productivity. Learn by doing! Then use the multimedia materials you develop to improve instruction in your own classroom situation.

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COMPLETE TEACHER: The above eTextbooks are particularly appropriate when used for self-study. In-service training workshops will also benefit from the many hands-on activities contained within these materials. Complete Teacher (a compilation of all four eTextbooks) is available at a reduced price.

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