Entrepreneurship — the formation of new, small business enterprises — is important to our society. Entrepreneurs are the men and women who organize and manage these new businesses, and assume the risks and rewards of our free enterprise system. iEntrepreneur is a unique system for delivering instruction in entrepreneurship on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.
























iEntrepreneur provides in depth coverage of hundreds of topics of interest to the budding entrepreneur, while presenting the user with a conceptual framework for understanding the elements which are common to all enterprises including: management, finance, communication, research and development, physical environment, relationships, materials, processes, energy, purchasing, production, and marketing. Business, technology, and entrepreneurship teachers will find this app to be ideal in helping to prepare today's youngsters to become tomorrow's business leaders. Complete iEntrepreneur program details are available at the Apple App Store

Checkerboard Puzzles

Many of the learning activities in iEntrepreneur are based upon a fictitious company that designs, produces and markets a variety of checkerboard puzzles. Now students can construct these 8 by 8 square checkerboards on the iPad by selecting, dragging and rotating the colorful puzzle parts that are supplied. Brain Teaser, Brain Twister, and Brain Destroyer puzzles are included. The Checkerboard Puzzle App is also available at the

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